Conversion for container (wheelie bin) model ‘Bennie’ manufactured from recycled artificial grass from worn-out artificial grass pitches (no production waste) with the function of enhancing public safety. The front of the conversion can be removed for access to the waste container. The housing can be secured by means of anchor pins (pins are not supplied as standard). Optionally, the housing can be supplied with a lock to which padlocks can be attached to prevent theft and vandalism. At the end of its service life, this enclosure is recyclable. Minimum expected technical lifespan 50 years. External dimensions: approx. 60 x 70 x 95 cm (54 x 61 x 94.5 cm internal dimensions), height approx. 94 cm. Delivery includes warranty declaration on raw materials and REACH statement.

Article number: On request
Dimensions: W 70 x H 95 x L 60 cm
Expected lifespan: 50 years
Expected delivery time: 4 weeks

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