With the GreenMatter circular outdoor fitness park, 2 valuable resource streams come together!

2 May 2024

Sustainability, innovation and two valuable resource streams come together in our newest concept: the GreenMatter circular outdoor fitness park.

In collaboration with CERU, we have joined forces to give a second life to the SBR rubber infill that comes from artificial turf fields that have reached the end of their lifespan. The forthcoming ban on the use of microplastics in artificial turf fields-a ban that comes with an eight-year transition period-requires creative and sustainable solutions to prevent the loss of this valuable resource.

We are committed to achieving the cycle from waste to raw material. We are very aware of the urgency to transform the waste generated by worn-out artificial turf fields into new raw material streams. With two reclaimed raw materials -artificial turf fibers and SBR rubber- we manufacture for our new fitness concept, respectively: outdoor fitness equipment from recycled artificial turf and shock-absorbing surfaces from recycled SBR rubber.

These two resource streams flow together in our new circular outdoor fitness park, where sports and sustainability go hand in hand. Not only are we addressing a problem created in the sports industry, but we are also providing a solution for sports.

What remains is to make buyers and end users part of our circular mission. The circle can only be closed if new investments also show a high priority on circular fulfillment. Let’s build a future together in which we maximize the lifespan of our raw materials.

LINK: Rubber – GreenMatter


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