GreenMatter launches artificial grass waste calculator

24 January 2024

Raw materials policy must be 50% circular by 2030 and as much as 100% circular by 2050. To make this happen, more and more municipalities are taking the lead. We are happy to support municipalities in this by taking the lead in reducing artificial grass waste and setting a circular raw material flow in motion. By reusing these valuable raw materials, waste is prevented.

We have developed a tool, the artificial grass waste calculator, to guide municipalities and other organisations even better in their green ambitions. It is a unique and convenient tool that makes it clear to municipalities whether they comply with the raw materials policy!

Artificial grass waste calculator

How many artificial grass pitches should be processed within your municipality? Using our artificial grass waste calculator*, you can see the value of recycling old artificial grass pitches and returning them in the form of recycled products on and around sports fields. This is an important step towards a greener future and optimising the lifespan of materials. In doing so, it is important that the reusable raw materials from worn-out artificial grass pitches are put into motion in a meaningful way, otherwise waste will still be created.
Enter the number of artificial grass pitches to be processed and choose from the selection of products you are interested in. GreenMatter’s product range is now so extensive that there are useful solutions for every municipality. Then immediately see how much impact you are making through the total number of kilos of artificial grass fibres processed and the percentage of recycled artificial grass pitch(s).

Download and share the results

The Netherlands (and also the rest of the world) needs pioneers. People who think ahead and dare to act accordingly. The reality is that many people still need to be convinced to opt for sustainability. With this tool, you can easily show what is possible and how much impact you can already make as an individual organisation. We have added the option to list the results for you in the form of a PDF. This document can be shared or presented within the organisation.
Give the artificial grass waste calculator a try! For a detailed customised quote and further information, please contact us at any time. We are ready to help you achieve your sustainability goals!

Recycle the present, save the future.

*Please note that the calculations with this calculator are indicative and no rights can be derived from them. The artificial grass waste calculator uses the average number of kilos of artificial grass fibres from an artificial grass pitch. The products shown are an accurate selection from our delivery programme. Please contact us for a tailor-made offer.

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