Green design at FC Lisse sports park

Meanwhile, the awareness of creating a circular (sports) environment has also penetrated several clubs.

Amsterdam municipality chooses GreenMatter starter rafts

The bridge to a circular (sports) environment in Rijswijk

The sports park will be thoroughly renovated.

From dreaming,
to building.

About GreenMatter

Since the turn of the millennium, many artificial grass pitches have been laid, but too little thought has been given to how to deal with the pitches to be replaced. What is the state of the disposal, the waste stream, the recycling of the fibres, the backing and the infill? With the recent media attention, we can conclude that this has fallen short and that valuable raw materials have ended up in a grey circuit. However, the reuse of artificial turf in a responsible and circular way is possible! That is why two companies have joined forces and taken the lead in recycling material from artificial grass pitches and processing the fibres into new products for on and around the sports pitch. With this website we hope to give you a good impression of our 100% circular approach.



We want to ensure that all synthetic turf fibers from old synthetic turf fields are recycled and manufactured into new products for on and off sports fields.


We are keen to respond to the circular issues surrounding artificial turf waste in order to make a lasting difference as a provider of circular solutions.


Monitoring Recyclates for Europe

Lid van

EMEA Synthetic Turf Council


For any machining and assembly of our GreenMatter products, we use the services of Empatec. Empatec is a social work company for people with a distance to the labour market.

The GreenMatter timeline

Period 1976 - 2028

Since the turn of the millennium, many artificial grass pitches have been installed but too little thought has been given to how to deal with the pitches to be replaced. We can conclude that this has fallen short and valuable resources have ended up in a grey circuit.

Period 2018 - 2033

After the advent of good recycling facilities, it appears that recycling and reusing artificial grass in a responsible and circular way is indeed possible! GreenMatter B.V. has taken the lead in reusing recycled raw materials from worn-out artificial grass pitches by processing them into products for on and around the sports field.

Period 2033 - 2050

Our mission to convert the waste from artificial grass pitches into a circular raw material stream by manufacturing recycled products where we ultimately strive for a 100% circular (sports) environment.

And more technical information

Occupational Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001:2018


Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

co2 footprint

Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2015


Our team

William van Diemen


Has a passion for sports and prefers to spend his time with his family, relatives or friends. Embraces those challenges. So is the mission to inspire others to make the world greener and greener.

Stefan Hofman


My name is Stefan Hofman. As director of GreenMatter, I am always looking for new products and partners to work together to reduce the artificial grass waste pile!

Rogier Vink


In addition to being director of GreenMatter, father of a son and daughter and crazy about sports. Our troubleshooter. Responsible for purchasing, transport and managing all our green projects.

Herman Brouwer

Account manager

Living in Sneek and active account manager at GreenMatter since 2021. Technical challenges and product developments make me happy. Just like odd jobs, gardening and reading!

Sander de Goede

Account manager

As an account manager, I am in frequent contact with customers and looking for opportunities for new concepts and partnerships.

Jordy Kwaaitaal

Purchasing & planning

In addition to his work, he practices various sports, such as: padel, tennis and football! At GreenMatter responsible for purchasing, planning/project management and sales.

Kevin Winter


Living in the beautiful green Lisse and working at GreenMatter since 2022. As a father of three children, you can often find him along the sports fields and otherwise playing football, running or padel himself.

Harm Reeuwijk


Grown up among the flowers and plants and therefore inherited the love for nature and sustainability from home. Besides work mainly busy with his passion for football.

Cecile Koestering


Likes to exercise to stay fit and energetic, adores Scotty (and her husband) and enjoys spending time with her family. Writes sharp texts for our online and offline communication channels.

Jelle van der Valk


The creative man within the team but from a distance. Jelle lives and works in Barcelona.

Mandy de Boer


Living in Aalsmeer, playing for the Ajax Women Amateurs and working in the marketing department of GreenMatter for 1.5 years now. I mainly focus on content marketing.

Teun Zethof


He has lived in ‘his’ Noordwijk all his life and has no intention of leaving there. Plays in the flagship of the local VV. Daily working on all online marketing issues.

Céleste Elsendoorn

Finance / Office Manager

Is 48 years old and comes from Nieuw-Vennep, so she cycles to the office. In her free time, she enjoys playing hockey, tennis or paddle tennis. Besides being a mother of 3 children, she has always had work experience in administrative services.


Chief Happiness

Our friend, calf biter and Chief Happiness. Sometimes a bit grumpy but always ready to put a smile on our faces with his unconditional love and cheerful presence.

Cooperating parties

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