We are always looking to collaborate with companies that value a more sustainable world. Companies that not only ‘want’ to be greener but also ‘do’ greener. Just like us! This is how we work together towards a greener future.



Re-Match is a supplier of recycled raw materials for our products. In the Netherlands, Re-Match has a recycling facility in Tiel and, using Re-Match’s patented technology, sports pitch owners can have their worn-out artificial grass recycled into high-quality, circular materials where they can be sure it is done in an environmentally safe way. We then ensure the material is converted into a circular resource stream by manufacturing recycled products.


GBN-AGR is a supplier of recycled raw materials (RTA) for our products. GBN-AGR has a recycling facility in Amsterdam and supplies RTA to us. In GBN AGR’s process, artificial turf (after it has been knocked empty, cleaned and reduced in size) is processed into an agglomerate. RTA stands for Recycled Turf Agglomerate and is an agglomerate of the recycled artificial turf. Accordingly, we ensure that waste from artificial turf pitches is converted into a circular raw material stream by manufacturing recycled products.


For any machining and assembly of our products, we use the services of Empatec. Empatec is a social work company for people with a distance to the labour market.

Bergo Sports Flooring

Bergo Sports Flooring is an international player in the field of modular sports floors. Normally, these tiles are made of polypropylene. Together with Bergo, we looked at whether artificial grass fibres could be used to produce the modular sports floor tiles. And we succeeded! The GreenMatter modular sports floor consists of 50% reusable raw materials from worn artificial grass pitches. The tile is available in the artificial grass colour (dark green) and 100% recyclable after its end-of-life.


QR-FIT makes people move more through its accessible and unique exercise offer. Exercise routes with QR codes allow everyone to exercise at their own level. Behind the QR codes is an exercise that you can perform simply by watching the short instruction video. The exercises rotate every day, making every day a unique exercise experience. The uprights with the QR code on them were made of wood, but from now on, only our uprights made of recycled artificial grass will be installed.


With chair manufacturer Daplast, we have developed a concept as a contribution to the circular economy with the aim of: closing the life cycle of products as much as possible, reducing the use of water/energy and preventing waste through reuse. The grandstand seats are 100% recyclable and can be reused to make other plastic products. In addition, we were able to develop the GreenMatter grandstand chair with them. You guessed it; this grandstand chair is made of artificial grass fibres.


KUCK FITNESS is a manufacturer of outdoor fitness equipment. These are made of high-quality Azobé hardwood and stainless steel, giving them a natural look. Together, we started looking into whether it would also be possible to manufacture some of these machines from recycled artificial grass. At the moment, a pilot with two devices is taking place in Amsterdam. If successful, more fitness equipment from the NATURE-line will be made available from recycled artificial grass from worn-out artificial pitches. A great addition to the existing delivery programme.

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