First QR-FIT exercise route with our circular poles!

13 June 2023

The first QR-FIT exercise route with GreenMatter poles.

We recently started a partnership with QR-FIT. QR-FIT is a dynamic company with a unique exercise concept. They offer an innovative and low-treshold exercise concept that is both challenging and accesuble for everyone. There are routes with different poles on which there is a QR-code that can be scanned. You then receive a conditional or muscle strengthening exercise with explanations, possible at three different levels. The exercises behind the QR-code rotate every 24 hours to keep the route varied.

First exercise route with GreenMatter poles

The collaboration with QR-FIT has kicked off. The poles with the QR-code on them were made of wood, but form now on they are our GreenMatter poles. The first exercise route with our circular poles was recently realised in Amsterdam.

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