The rise of the GreenMatter ecoraster (grass)tile

11 December 2023

We recently introduced the GreenMatter ecoraster (grass)tile. This permeable tile combines circularity, biodiversity and climate adaptation. The tile can be used for soil reinforcement and soil stabilisation. The unique thing about these tiles is that they consist of 50 per cent recycled artificial grass from worn-out artificial grass pitches.

The (grass)tile is the perfect solution for car parks, walkways and storage areas with a high load capacity of 800 t/m2 (when filled). Besides grass, there are several options for filling the tile, think herbal, sedum and moss plants or gravel. Since its launch, the first square metres of tiles have already been laid in The Hague and Amsterdam.

Municipality of The Hague

Commissioned by Municipality of The Hague and contractor Van der Meer, grass tiles have been laid at HBS Craeyenhout. The GreenMatter ecoraster (grass)tiles will return there in two different applications. Grass will grow near the bicycle racks and there will be a strip of grass tiles filled with gravel between the bicycle racks and the footpath.

Municipality of Amsterdam

At Sportpark Middenmeer, waste from over 1 artificial grass pitch has been reduced. A green terrace has been laid at TOS Actief. This terrace includes our new GreenMatter ecoraster (grass)tiles. The tiles at this location were filled with potting soil cork granules (to retain moisture) and topped with a layer of grit. The grass tiles have been sown here and there with micro clover and running thyme.

At Hockeyclub AthenA, a strip of grass paving has also been laid between the hockey pitches, which in addition to contributing to circularity should also reduce heat stress around the artificial turf pitches. Besides greening the outdoor space, there are more advantages, such as; easy installation due to stable click connections, low maintenance, 100% recyclable after end of life and no less than 20 years warranty. Who will follow?

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