The green terrace at TOS Actief.

First grass tiles made from recycled artificial turf on green terrace

25 October 2023

With a green terrace, a circular (sports) environment can be created. At Sportpark Middenmeer at soccer club TOS Actief a green terrace has been constructed. This terrace consists, among other things, of our new GreenMatter ccoraster (grass)tiles. The unique thing about these tiles is that they consist of 50 percent recycled artificial grass from worn out artificial grass fields. The permeable tiles are filled with potting soil cork granules (to retain moisture) and topped with a layer of gravel. The grass tiles were sown here and there with micro clover and running thyme. In addition, the patio is equipped with our recycled artificial grass planters and tree benches. The climate-resistant planting was supplied by Peter van Aalst of Arte Nova. A beautiful collaboration in the field of circularity, biodiversity and climate adaptation. Special thanks to Peter Vergeer, Peter van Aalst and the municipality of Amsterdam.

Solutions applied in this project


Ecoraster (grass)tiles




Tree bench

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