Now also recycled artificial turf in modular floors

12 October 2023

GreenMatter x Bergo

The application of recycled artificial turf in an increasing number of products is our mission. We started by reducing the artificial turf waste mountain by developing products from recycled artificial turf themselves. But now several companies collaborate with us to incorporate recycled artificial turf into their existing products. Bergo Flooring -producer of modular sports floors- is one of those companies.


From an old worn-out sports field to a new modular sports floor

Together with us, they have developed a modular sports floor—typically made of fully recyclable plastic—with an impressive 50 percent of recycled materials from worn-out artificial turf fields. Playing sports on a new floor made from worn-out artificial turf! We are constantly searching for new applications to meaningfully repurpose artificial turf waste from sports fields, exploring solutions both within and outside the sports sector. After various tests, we, along with Bergo Flooring, have successfully incorporated a percentage of 50 percent reusable materials from worn-out artificial turf fields into a modular tile. The GreenMatter modular tile is available in the artificial turf colour (dark green), in the GreenMatter Ultimate and GreenMatter Ultimate Plus variants, and can be customized with markings and logos. It’s also possible to combine the GreenMatter tile with plastic modular tiles, offering a choice of different colours.

Various benefits

The GreenMatter modular sports floors are ideal for both temporary and permanent use, indoors and outdoors. They are particularly suitable as multifunctional sports flooring for public spaces, schools, holiday parks, or sports clubs. They are quick and easy to install, water-permeable, suitable for various sports and multifunctional activities. They can be enclosed with an aluminium edging profile, require minimal maintenance, can be marked with lines and logos, are made from 50% recycled artificial turf from worn-out sports fields, and are 100% recyclable.


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