GreenMatter products contribute to duty of care

16 February 2021

This is why the Branchevereniging Sport en Cultuurtechniek (BSNC) has drawn up a new duty of care document together with all parties involved. Clients and contractors have a joint responsibility and legal duty of care to clean up the soil.

The new duty of care document discusses, among other things, how to prevent the spread of filler materials and fibres. Infill rubber and waste from artificial turf wear are microplastics. The spread of microplastics must be prevented. One of the solutions put forward by the BSNC is to provide the pitches with edge boards, boarding or other facilities that prevent them from spreading beyond the surface.

We can play a role in this with the following recycled products:

Side boards with rubber strip

The GreenMatter 2.0 side board is made from recycled artificial grass from replacement pitches (no production waste). The connection of side board 2.0 consists of a recycled artificial grass coupler. The side boards are installed in an aluminium bottom profile, which can optionally be provided with a rubber strip to compensate for any unevenness in the pavement.

Brush Mat

Our recycled brush mats consisting of artificial grass bars of 43 x 43 mm can be sunk into the ground, providing a high dirt collection capacity.

Win-win situation

With these products, which are made from recycled artificial grass, you kill two birds with one stone. By applying these products, municipalities contribute to their legal duty of care to keep the soil clean by preventing the spread of microplastics. In addition, a contribution is made to reducing the artificial grass waste mountain. Click here for our infographic.

Maintaining infill and preventing the spread of microplastics has been a hot topic in the Netherlands for some time now. Also in other European countries, this topic is becoming more and more important. This is one of the reasons why ESTC – the European trade association for the synthetic turf industry – is organising a webinar on this subject on 24 February.

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