Amsterdam municipality: forerunner in circularity

12 February 2024

Already 78,016.05 kilos of recycled artificial grass has been returned to the city by the municipality of Amsterdam. Amsterdam municipality has thus returned more than seven (7.09) complete artificial grass pitches in the form of various applications of recycled artificial grass.


They have now proved that sustainability is not just an ambition, but can become an achievable reality. One of GreenMatter’s missions is to create this sustainability awareness among all municipalities in the Netherlands.


Sustainability pioneer

Various innovative applications of recycled artificial grass have been realised throughout Amsterdam. In cooperation with GreenMatter, the municipality of Amsterdam is continuously pioneering and looking for new applications in which recycled artificial grass can be used.

This forerunner in the field of circularity went through the entire GreenMatter cycle; visualised in this video. From the artificial grass waste problem at A.V.V. Zeeburgia to our artificial grass waste processors GBN-AGR and Re-Match. After processing, we make new recycled artificial grass products from the artificial grass agglomerate. These products are then distributed to various locations in Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam municipality: forerunner in circularity

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