The bridge to preservation artificial grass has been built

20 June 2022

The bicycle bridge with grip strips at Elsenburg sports park in the municipality of Rijswijk.

More than three years after we started our initiative GreenMatter, things are moving in the right direction in fulfilling our mission; to convert the waste from artificial turf fields into a circular raw material flow by manufacturing recycled products. In the three years that we have been accomplishing our mission, we have grown tremendously in both the number of products that we supply and in the level of awareness. Partly because of this, it is also becoming easier to comply with the circular raw materials policy of 50 per cent circular by 2030 and 100 per cent circular by 2050.

GreenMatter is building the bridge to a greener world.
For generations to come.

We have noticed that more and more clients such as municipalities, engineering firms, associations and universities have placed this subject high on their agendas and are seriously considering how to deal with synthetic turf waste. After all, the process does not stop when the artificial turf is collected. A circular raw material flow must be set in motion by purchasing recycled artificial grass products. With GreenMatter, we want to build a bridge to a fully circular (sports) environment.

We are proud to announce that this bridge has recently been literally built by the construction of a large bicycle bridge with grip strips at Elsenburg sports park in the municipality of Rijswijk. The sports park is being thoroughly renovated. Together with the Rijswijksche Hockey Club (RHC), the Rijswijkse Wielren Vereniging De Spartaan, the Fietscrossclub Rijswijk and under the guidance of B.A.S. Begeleiding en Advies Sporttereinen, the municipality is developing the location into a high-quality, sustainable and multifunctional sports park. A unique feature of this bridge is that it consists of our deck planks made from recycled artificial grass. The worn-out sports field is thus returned in a different form. This project is a good example of how the municipality of Rijswijk uses waste from artificial grass pitches in a useful, circular way.

We are proud of our clients who think along with us about new circular solutions and that they increasingly fulfil their responsibility with regard to taking measures relating to the duty of care. We cannot do it alone. Together we can make the difference and ensure that we arrive at a fully circular (sports) environment. In any case, the first bridge has been built.

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