QR-FIT bench: A new initiative that promotes movement and sustainability

5 April 2024

The QR-FIT bench which offers 160 different exercises across three different fitness levels.

In an innovative step towards a more vital and circular society, GreenMatter, in collaboration with QR-FIT, introduces the QR-FIT bench. This unique concept combines fitness and the zero-waste principle. The bench is made out of 95 kilograms of recycled artificial turf from worn-out sports fields and allows users to access 160 different exercises at three fitness levels via an integrated app.

The QR-FIT bench is functional, has a longer lifespan than the average public bench, and can be completely recycled at the end of its life cycle.

Encouraging physical activity

In the Netherlands more than half of the population does not get enough exercise. QR-FIT offers a welcome solution to this problem. The exercise guidelines from the Dutch Health Council are the trigger for this project, which aims to stimulate physical activity among citizens and thereby contributing to the reduction of health risks such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.



Not just a bench to rest on

The QR-FIT bench, which looks like a regular park bench, stands out due to its multifunctional exercise options. It’s not just a place to sit, but also to work on strength, conditioning, mobility, and balance. The accompanying app acts as a personal trainer, guiding users through the correct execution of exercises which adhere to the exercise guidelines.

Promoting connection

This initiative also emphasizes the importance of social interaction and community formation, as the bench is a place where people can come together and exercise. By collaborating with local partners and organizing activities, QR-FIT aims for a long-term integration of movement into the daily routines of various target groups.

The introduction of the QR-FIT bench is an example of how innovation, health, and sustainability can go hand in hand. With the QR-FIT app, which encourages teams and communities to stay active, the project takes a step forward in promoting an active lifestyle.

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