Grandstand ready for use again with GreenMatter bench slats

10 February 2021

The use of our bench slats on an existing tribune is a good example of reuse and circularity.

The bench seats, walkways and backrests of this (40 years!) old grandstand at sports club SV De Meteoor were replaced by recycled artificial grass planks on behalf of the City of Amsterdam. The slats are equipped with internal steel strips to prevent them from bending. In this way the tribune can last for many years and the artificial grass waste is reduced again!

The GreenMatter bench slats are made from recycled artificial turf from replaceable artificial turf pitches (no production waste). The bench slat is glass fibre reinforced and UV resistant. At the end of its life it is 100% recyclable. Dimensions: W 10 x H 5 x L 200 cm. Weight approx. 11 kg. Execution: one side smooth and the other side profiled. Colour: dark green. Minimum expected technical lifespan 50 years. Ideal for dug outs, tribunes and grandstands. GreenMatter products are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle and are therefore truly circular. For the processing of the GreenMatter products use is made of a social work facility. Delivery includes guarantee declaration of raw materials and REACH statement. Our bench slats are therefore circular and a socially responsible choice. These slats of recycled artificial grass also ensures that waste of artificial grass is being reduced!

Watch the video here!

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