GreenMatter – more than circularity

15 February 2024

We live in a time when sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions prevail. Natural resources need to be preserved and protected for future generations. The need for a circular economy in which materials are reused is growing.

We are contributing to this growing demand for a circular economy. Artificial grass pitches are creating a growing mountain of waste and we have been able to turn this into a circular flow of raw materials. Besides circularity, during development we also consider other sustainability themes and climate objectives such as energy transition, climate adaptation and biodiversity. In our new solutions, we respond to these themes in addition to circularity.

Climate objectives

The Dutch government has set the goal of actively contributing to the global efforts to reduce climate change and promote sustainability. An important milestone in the Netherlands’ climate policy was the climate agreement concluded in Paris in 2019. The goal of this agreement is to reduce the Netherlands’ greenhouse gas emissions by 49% by 2030 compared to 1990. Furthermore, the Netherlands aims to be completely climate neutral by 2050. This means that total greenhouse gas emissions should be zero by 2050.

Besides the aforementioned goals, the Netherlands also attaches great importance to climate adaptation. The climate is changing, leading to extreme weather conditions. The government is therefore putting a lot of effort into improving biodiversity.

Objectives GreenMatter

The artificial grass waste mountain has been a very big problem for many years. An average of 200 artificial grass pitches are replaced every year, which should be put back into circulation in a circular way. When this waste is destroyed, waste products are released. We ensure that this waste stream is converted into valuable circular products. Besides innovating circular products, we aim to develop products that also address other sustainability themes, such as energy transition, climate adaptation and biodiversity. GreenMatter is committed to combining a circular approach with a broader sustainability impact.

New solutions GreenMatter

In collaboration with SolarWoodle and Purus, we have included two new solutions in our delivery programme, with which we aim to meet the growing need for different sustainability themes. The GreenMatter solar is made of recycled artificial grass from worn-out coastal grass fields and, like all our products, is 100% circular. The light in the pole is powered by solar energy which ensures energy transition. Our GreenMatter ecoraster (grass) tile is a combination of circularity, biodiversity and climate adaptation. By innovating, we are continuously working on greening the world!

Recycle the present, save the future.

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