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29 April 2024

… There has been a ban on SBR rubber infill in artificial grass pitches since 2023? *

* From 2023, a ban on the use of microplastics, including recycled material (SBR) in artificial grass pitches will apply. This does not mean that use will be banned immediately. There is an eight-year transition period. After that, fields with SBR may no longer be built. Existing pitches may remain in place until the end of their lifespan. However, many clients are already choosing a different type of infill.

… Each worn artificial grass pitch contains a mountain of SBR rubber infill equivalent to 30,500 car tyres?

… This waste mountain can become a valuable raw material?

… GreenMatter turns this valuable raw material into new products?

… Because of the ban on SBR rubber infill in artificial turf fields, we are now going to face the challenge of finding a sustainable and circular solution for the huge amount of SBR rubber, which comes from discarded artificial turf fields?

While the ban on the use of SBR rubber in new artificial grass pitches is an important step towards environmental protection, it introduces a complex issue: what to do with the resulting waste? Each discarded artificial grass pitch contains some 30,500 car tyres (+/- 120,000 kg) of SBR rubber, which was previously reused in the construction of new sports pitches. GreenMatter is tackling this problem by working with CERU to innovatively recycle this huge amount of rubber.

By transforming what was once considered waste; into valuable raw materials, such as products for the construction of sports facilities and recreational areas, GreenMatter contributes to the circular economy and helps reduce the further spread of microplastics.
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