MKI calculation offers transparency

15 April 2021

With the MKI (environmental cost indicator), the environmental impact of a product or design is demonstrated. As a result, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of projects. To achieve a circular economy, we need to handle materials with care, among other things. Sustainable use of materials is therefore essential.

Our products are manufactured from recycled artificial grass fibres. The expected life span is at least 50 years and after the end of their life, the products can be 100% recycled. In order to further reduce the environmental impact, Lankhorst switched entirely to Green Electricity in 2020. They have opted for HollandseWind with SMK certification, the most sustainable option.

Together with our production partner Lankhorst Engineered Products, we work continuously to improve and develop our products. We attach great value to high-quality products and their impact on people and the environment. In order to guarantee our customers in a transparent way that our products are safe for people and the environment, we have carried out a REACH statement, a raw materials declaration and a ZZS investigation. These certificates / investigations already give our clients certainty about the origin and application of responsible products.

MKI calculation
In addition to the certainties we already offer our clients, more and more clients such as municipalities and engineering firms are asking for an EQI (environmental cost indicator). For this reason, we recently had an EQI calculation carried out by the research and engineering agency Tauw. Such a calculation makes the environmental impact of our products concrete and comparable, allowing clients to make an informed choice. The report containing the results of the environmental impact of our products is available on request.

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