With this QR-Fit bench the circle is complete…, our project at A.V.V. Zeeburgia too!

24 June 2024

GreenMatter and QR-FIT have joined forces for the GreenMatter QR-FIT bench: an innovative and exercise-friendly bench with built-in platforms and bars for strength exercises. QR-FIT gets people moving through exercise routes. Scan a QR code on the bench for a personalized workout at your level. Each bench has as many as 160 different exercises at 3 levels! The bench is made of recycled artificial grass. Thus, worn out artificial grass gets a sustainable and sporty new life!

One of the first QR-FIT benches was recently installed at A.V.V. Zeeburgia on Sportpark Middenmeer in Amsterdam on a shock-absorbing rubber tile floor.

What makes this project unique is that two raw material streams from recycled worn out artificial turf fields come together; Artificial turf and SBR infill rubber. The QR-FIT bench incorporates 95 kg. of recycled artificial grass. The cushioning surface is made of SBR infill. This rubber is thus beginning “a third life.”

We are extremely proud to contribute to an important part of the mission of GreenMatter B.V. “The circle is complete” in this project where 2 waste streams come together completely circularly. We trust that many buyers will follow to help reduce waste mountains!

Thanks to our partners:

  • Municipality of Amsterdam
  • Lankhorst Engineered Products
  • CERU B.V.
  • QR-FIT
  • Empatec NV

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