The bridge to a circular (sports) environment in Rijswijk

31 August 2023

With GreenMatter we want to build the bridge to a fully circular (sports) environment. We are proud to announce that this bridge was recently literally built by the construction of a large bicycle bridge with grip strips at sports park Elsenburg in municipality Rijswijk.

The sports park will be thoroughly renovated. Together with the Rijswijksche Hockey Club (RHC), the Rijswijk cycling club De Spartaan, the bicycle cross club Rijswijk and under the guidance of B.A.S. Begeleiding en Advies Sportterreinen, the municipality is developing the site into a high-quality, sustainable and multifunctional sports park.

Unique to this bridge is that it consists of our deck planks made of recycled artificial grass. The worn-out sports field thus returns in a different guise. This project is a fine example of how the municipality of Rijswijk is returning the waste from artificial grass pitches in a useful circular manner.

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