The GreenMatter modular sports floor is available in 2 types of sports tiles: GreenMatter Ultimate and GreenMatter Ultimate Plus. The sports floor consists of UV-stabilised polypropylene tiles measuring 37.5 cm by 37.5 cm and is made of 50% recycled artificial grass from worn-out artificial turf pitches (not production waste). The GreenMatter modular sports floor is available in the artificial grass colour (dark green) and can be fitted with lines and logos. The sports floor tile is suitable for playing various sports and is intended for multifunctional use. The tile is certified according to EN14877 and meets all requirements for the important European standard for outdoor sports floors. Our sports floor tiles are tested and comply with European standard EN 14877 and are produced according to ISO 9001. Our GreenMatter Ultimate and GreenMatter Ultimate Plus are certified for tennis by ITF and classified as ?fast? and both floor tiles are Level 1 and 2 certified for basketball by FIBA. The warranty on our modular sports floors is no less than 15 years and they are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life. Our modular sports floors are ideal for temporary or permanent use and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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1. Suitable as a multifunctional sports floor for public spaces, schools, holiday parks or sports clubs 2. Quick and easy to realise 3. Water-permeable 4. Suitable for various sports and multifunctional use 5. Can be enclosed on all sides by an aluminium profile 6. Low maintenance 7. Available in various colours 8. Can be provided with lines and logos 9. Made of 50% recycled artificial grass from worn sports fields 10. 100% recyclable
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