Week of Circular Economy

10 February 2022

It is the Week of Circular Economy. This week is an initiative of 'Het Versnellingshuis', a national programme that helps the Dutch business community to conduct circular business.

A good moment to reflect on our mission; to convert the waste from artificial turf fields into a circular raw material flow by manufacturing recycled products. We have been doing this with GreenMatter for more than three years now, and in those years we have grown enormously. Not only in the number of products that we supply, but also in terms of raising awareness.

The raw materials policy must be 50% circular by 2030 and even 100% by 2050. In order to achieve this, the government supports circular initiatives. With GreenMatter, we have taken the lead in reducing the artificial grass waste mountain and setting a circular raw material flow in motion by manufacturing products from recycled artificial grass. By reusing these raw materials, waste can be prevented.

By the way, did you know that our products can be recycled again at the end of their lifespan and made into new products? This way, the raw materials can be reused by different generations.

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