Sustainable furnishing of public spaces

9 March 2023

With our extensive range of products, we aim to increasingly provide public spaces with circular products.

The term sustainability has emerged as a hot topic in recent years. The climate is changing and society is becoming increasingly aware that measures must be taken to achieve a sustainable future. The government comes up with all kinds of regulations that companies have to comply with. Much can also be made sustainable in public spaces. The raw materials policy should be 50% circular by 2030 and even 100% circular by 2050. Meanwhile, many municipalities are seriously engaged in implementing various circular solutions. Together, we can make a difference to ensure that we arrive at a fully circular (sports) environment.

Sustainability is not just a trend

The planet is in danger. Society is becoming increasingly aware that the planet is vulnerable, making sustainability not just a trend but above all a must. Ethical morality plays a big role in sustainability. The sentiment for companies and brands where sustainability is high on the agenda is growing. For instance, research has shown that by 2020, 58% of people were more likely to trust a company/brand where sustainability plays a major role. If, as a company or government, you want to contribute to a sustainable future, there is no escaping sustainable business practices. What role can we as GreenMatter play in this?

Circular economy

In 2016, the European Union broke new ground. The Paris climate agreement was signed with the aim of limiting global warming. The EU wants to be completely climate-neutral by 2050, so a circular economy is essential. With GreenMatter, we have taken the lead in recycling waste from artificial grass pitches and reprocessing the artificial grass into new products for on and around the sports field and beyond. Our mission has therefore been from the start; to convert the waste from artificial grass pitches into a circular raw material stream by manufacturing recycled products. Because the artificial grass waste problem will not be solved by just collecting the worn-out mats.

Circular public spaces

We use the waste from artificial grass to produce circular products. By recycling artificial grass, you achieve CO2 gains. It is easy to furnish public spaces with circular products. In a park, for example, why not go for a recycled artificial grass park bench instead of an ordinary park bench? We have included several options in our delivery programme to provide circular products for the entire public space. Think, for example, of picnic tables, planters, mobile benches, decking planks, deck planks with grip strips, fishing piers and river bank protection. With our extensive range of products, we aim to increasingly supply public spaces with circular products in order to move towards a sustainable future together!

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