River bank protection

The GreenMatter river bank protection is made of recycled artificial grass from replaceable artificial grass pitches (no production waste) and is available in various heights. In particular, the strong coupling of the bulkheads is unique, making it unnecessary to place the posts exactly at the connection point of the panels. This saves a considerable amount of time and money, because it enables the poles to be placed first and then the panels in a single aisle. The recycled GreenMatter river bank protection is an excellent choice, especially at the interface between water and air, where all types of wood are most susceptible to rot. The panel has an optimal length of 2.1 meters and is lightweight. This makes the panel easy to handle and efficient to install. Delivery includes warranty statement raw materials and REACH statement.

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Article number: WH711160
Expected lifespan: 50 years
Expected delivery time: 4 weeks

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