Amsterdam municipality chooses GreenMatter starter rafts

31 August 2023

The Bosbaan in the Amsterdamse bos is a famous rowing course. The Bosbaan is used for all kinds of rowing events.

Bosbaan Amsterdamse bos

It will even host the World Rowing Championships in 2026. To meet the applicable regulations for rowing events, the woods course has already been widened twice. In addition, the municipality wants to have the woods course completely in order before the World Championships.

GreenMatter solutions

In this project, we replaced the wooden starting rafts of the rowing course with recycled artificial grass deck boards. The GreenMatter products are made from recycled artificial gas from worn-out sports pitches, and in this way the municipality of Amsterdam returns their own worn-out artificial grass pitches to new circular applications. A total of 6,835 kg of recycled artificial grass has been applied. The expected technical lifespan of the GreenMatter deck boards is 50 years, and after the end of the lifespan they are 100% recyclable again. In addition to the new starting rafts, we have already fitted the forest course with combi dam walls. Here, almost an entire artificial grass pitch was recycled back. In the coming period, the municipality of Amsterdam will take stock of whether more can be made sustainable at the Bosbaan. The municipality of Amsterdam is working hard to reduce the artificial grass waste mountain and we as GreenMatter are happy to do our bit. We also like to think along with you about new solutions.

Solutions applied in this project


Deck plank with grip stripes

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