New: GreenMatter grandstand

30 March 2021

Following on from the various stands in the W&H Sports product range, there is now also a GreenMatter stand. For years, our partner W&H Sports has been engaged in the sale of various grandstands. Based on the available space and the desired number of seats, advice is given on the right type of stand.

You can choose from dismountable grandstands, mobile telescopic grandstands, fixed telescopic grandstands, mobile grandstands, but also prefabricated tribune elements for the realisation of a concrete standing or seating grandstand.

Sustainable GreenMatter grandstand

Because we are constantly working on developing new products to reduce the waste of artificial grass, and we know from experience that there is a great demand for stands, we have developed a recycled stand. The stand consists of an aluminium substructure. The length of the stand is 3 metres, consisting of three rows of seats for approximately 18 people. The back row is equipped with a back rest and fall protection. The planks for the bench seats and the walkways are made of recycled artificial grass from artificial grass fields to be replaced (no production waste) and have 3 steel strips (to prevent them from bending). Delivery includes a raw materials guarantee statement and a REACH statement.
The GreenMatter stand is also available in a 3-metre version consisting of 4 rows of seats for approximately 24 people. The back row is equipped with a backrest / fall protection and side railings.

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