ReLife® LawnPlay tile

GreenMatter ReLife® LawnPlay tile to be used as a shock-absorbing tile for playground equipment and swings (certified shock-absorbing according to EN-1177:2018 up to a height of 2.10 metres) , dimensions: 1000x500x45/65mm, colour black. The tiles are characterised by generous perforations, allowing rainwater to be absorbed directly into the soil and the recesses to be used for natural vegetation. Filling the openings with topsoil and grass seed results in greenery between the tiles, creating not only a safe, but also an ecological surface for playgrounds. Product is made of SBR rubber infill from worn artificial grass pitches. Minimum order in consultation.

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Article number: On request
Dimensions: 1000x500x45/65mm

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Applications SBR Rubber + Artificial Grass Waste
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