GreenMatter grandstand with aluminium substructure. The length of this grandstand is 3 meter, consisting of 3 rows of seats for approx. 18 people. The back row is equipped with a back rest and fall protection. The planks for the bench seats and the walkways are made of recycled artificial grass from artificial grass fields that need to be replaced (no production waste) and are equipped with 3 steel strips (to prevent them from bending). Dimensions L: 300 x W: 202 x H: 124,5 cm. Delivery includes a guarantee of raw materials and a REACH statement.

This GreenMatter stand is also available in a 3 meter version consisting of 4 rows of seats for approx. 24 people. The rear row is equipped with backrests, fall-arrests and railings.

Dimensions: L: 300 x W: 202 x H: 124,5 cm
Expected lifespan: 50 years
Expected delivery time: 4 weeks

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