Team table

The ‘GreenMatter team table’ is ideal for the third half at your sports club! The team table is often found at canteens, terraces, recreation parks and sports parks. The team table comes in an anchored version and is made of recycled artificial grass from replaceable artificial grass pitches (no production waste). The team bench is steel-reinforced and UV-resident. At the end of its lifespan, it is 100% recyclable. Minimum expected technical lifespan 50 years. Dimensions: 385 cm x 240 cm. Colour: dark green. Delivery includes guarantee declaration of raw materials and REACH statement.

Looking for a smaller version? Take a look at our GreenMatter picnic table (4 benches)! A socially responsible choice. Besides preventing the spread of infill / microplastics, this edging of recycled artificial grass also reduces the artificial grass waste mountain! Within our range we also offer a lace board for around sports fields with a height of 15 centimetres.

Article number: 245191
Dimensions: 385 cm x 240 cm
Weight: 450 KG
Expected lifespan: 50 years
Expected delivery time: 4 weeks

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