Retaining strap with clamp system

The GreenMatter retaining band is used with the SolidaFIX clamping system. The system is characterized by simple installation and complete fixation of the artificial grass mat. The system is constructed entirely of aluminum and therefore has a long lifespan. The retaining strip is used as the foundation of the system. The retaining strap is normally only used to retain the sports construction. The SolidaFIX system therefore uses materials already required. A win-win situation. When developing the SolidaFIX system, different designs of fields were taken into account. The system can therefore be applied in all new construction situations. From shock pad to e-layer and from unbonded to bonded foundations. SolidaFIX is also extremely suitable for the renovation or conversion of an artificial grass field.

SolidaFIX is the solution for safe and maintenance-friendly clamping of your artificial grass field
The artificial grass mat is ‘double’ clamped with a nylon rope. The additional advantage in addition to the complete fixation of the artificial grass mat with a rope; no ‘open seam’ is created. This ensures a safe, clamp-proof retention where maintenance and repair work can be carried out quickly and easily.

The GreenMatter retaining tape is made from recycled artificial grass from artificial grass fields to be replaced (no production waste). The retaining band is glass fiber reinforced and UV resistant. After the end of its life, it is 100% recyclable. Dimensions: W 4.7 x H 20 x L 390 cm. Weight approx. 35 kg. Design: one side smooth and the other side is profiled. Colour: dark green. GreenMatter products are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycle and are therefore truly circular. A sheltered employment facility is used to process the GreenMatter products. Delivery includes warranty statement for raw materials and REACH statement. Our toe boards and retaining straps (GreenMatter type) are therefore a circular and socially responsible choice. This retaining belt contributes to reducing the artificial grass waste mountain!

Article number: 245125k
Dimensions: W 4,7 x H 20 x L 390 cm
Weight: 35 kg
Expected lifespan: 50 years
Expected delivery time: 4 weeks

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